what is BadDivers.com?
a group of scuba divers that provide:

event promotions

to the scuba community and beyond
while having a little fun.

BadDiver has over 2000 dives...he
finds it amusing to dive without a mask.

another has over 100... he likes to inflate
his BCD manually ... why waste the air?

another over 80...he dove with over 15 10
foot sharks...problem was he forgot his
wet suit and the cage...on his very first
dive he went the wrong way at 107 feet .

cumulatively : who knows how many
naked dives...and...who knows how many
dives that absolutely, totally, without
question were just simply '
who are BadDivers?
scuba divers who love the lifestyle
as much as the divin'...

BadDivers...are you?
when the dive flag goes
down...ours goes up!

our dive flag represents scuba
AND its lifestyle...cheers.
during a bad dive...BadDivers always
do something good...they do their part to
keep dive sites clean, like pick up cans
and bottles others leave behind.

respect the ocean.
send us your e.mail for BD updates and events!
BadDivers know how to chill...
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The first and only worldwide SCUBA club.
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